KLEPPER – tradition and innovation for over 100 years

In 1907, young master tailer Johann Klepper from Rosenheim purchased the original folding kayak license from architect Alfred Heurich. Klepper immediately started to manufacture the “Delphin”. His dream came true: a boat in a bag, which you can take wherever you go. In the 1930s KLEPPER manufactured approximately 90 kayaks a day and was the largest employer in Rosenheim. The folding kayak became a symbol of freedom and mobility. Over the years, with new technologies, Klepper folding kayaks have been adapted and improved and the Klepper Folding Kayak manufacturer now offers a wide variety of models.
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One hundred years later – in 2007 – a young professor from the technical University of Munich, Walter Klasz, together with his students, visited the Klepper manufacture in Rosenheim. It was during a conversation with current Klepper owners, the Isbruch family, that a new idea for a totally different interpretation of the folding kayak was born. Together with two of his best students: Carla Baumann and Thomas Seitz, Klasz sketched a first model. After intensive product development, model-studies and testing, the BACKYAK is now ready. KLEPPER maintains the tradition of folding kayaks by launching the multifunctional, hyper-modern carbon BACKYAK. The BACKYAK is true to the original Klepper idea: freedom and mobility.

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